Child Support

What is Child Support?

Child Support is a periodic payment made by a parent to provide financial assistance for the maintenance of the child. While one has parental rights when they have a child, they also have certain responsibilities to the child as well, including providing financially for the child. Child Support can be ordered through the courts or through child support services. The factors involved in determining the amount of child support vary depending on the state, with income of the parents being a primary factor.

Parental Rights.

Certain rights and responsibilities are part of being a parent, both morally and legally. Custody of a child is a right worth fighting for most parents, whether it's for full child custody or joint custody. However, in many situations, a parent must assert their parental rights (i.e. file custody papers) in a court of law to ensure that their rights are determined and to provide the parent with a means of enforcement of those rights. Most importantly, asserting one's rights to legal and physical custody and visitation of a child can be done through the legal process. Also, protection parental rights once they have been established should also be done through the court system.

This calculator is meant to be used to obtain an estimate of potential child support.

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